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BB Student Enrollment Utilizing SIS (Student Information System: PeopleSoft)

University of Nebraska Medical Center

bbpeoplesoftSpend less time enrolling students in a Blackboard course by using a toll to link Blackboard and the UNMC SIS (Student Information System:PeopleSoft)?

A tool to enroll students into a Blackboard course from the student information system (PeopleSoft) is available to Blackboard Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Course Builders.
The link between a Blackboard Course and PeopleSoft is dynamic. Once the link is established, new enrollments will automatically be added during the specified start and end dates. The link is processed every morning at 8:00 a.m. M-F
Instructors are responsible for removing / un-enrolling students.
In order to use the tool you will need Instructor, Course Builder or Teaching Assistant status in the Blackboard course.
Steps to establish link between Blackboard course and PeopleSoft:

  1. In a browser navigate to:
  2. Login with your UN NetID and password
  3. Select the Faculty tab
  4. Click manage blackboard courses
  5. Type the blackboard course name
  6. Click the green plus sign next to the desired course
  7. Select the year from the drop down menu
  8. Select the term from the drop down menu
  9. Select the dept/subject from the drop down menu
  10. Select the campus from the drop down menu
  11. Click Search
  12. Locate the desired PeopleSoft course and click on the green plus sign
  13. Select the start and end dates
    The end date should be set the day after the last day to drop or add a course
  14. Click the Save button
    A popup box will appear stating “this class(es) were linked”
    After the link has been established a table with four columns will be displayed. The linked course will be listed . Click the red X to delete the link (located under “The below Peoplesoft course(s) are linked to the above listed Blackboard course”
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