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BB Troubleshooting

University of Nebraska Medical Center

bbDid you know that UNMC Blackboard ( server is available 99.9% .
A preliminary information gathering is highly beneficial prior to contacting Information Technology Services for assistance. Common inquiries / issues that appear to be a Blackboard are in fact other technical issues:

The file will not load 

  • The referring link to the file is not directed to the correct file or does not exist on the server (EXAMPLE:
  • The Blackboard link refers to a file which was originally uploaded and was then deleted or moved to another location

The video is not available or will not load 

  • The EchoCenter lists the scheduled sessions – sessions will and have been recorded without any content
  • The video file has been deleted from the EchoCenter, but the link was not deleted from Blackboard
  • The referring link to the file is not directed to the correct file or the file does not exist on the server (EXAMPLE: rtsp://
  • External website link is no longer valid
  • The end user does not have the latest browser or updated plug-ins which causes content not to load (Java, Flash). Click the “Test your Browser” button on the main page of Blackboard to verify your setup.
  • Web browsers change frequently.  If a Blackboard feature is not behaving as expected;  try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  • The browser cache needs to be cleared. When you browse to a web site, the browser stores some files on your computer’s hard drive. This is done to help in loading the web site faster the next time to visit the web site. These temporary internet files are stored in a directory on your computer called the browser cache. Over time, as you visit the same web site ( the computer may refer to a cached web page instead of the most current web page.

I don’t see the course listed in my courses… 

  • Student not enrolled in course
  • User not logged into Blackboard
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