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Blackboard Flipped Classroom Webinar October 20th

Flipped Classroom Presentation with Mark Burris  
Tuesday, October 20, 2015 | 1:00 – 2:30 PM

Join us for a one hour interactive session on how to flip a classroom using Blackboard Learn. Mark Burris, UNO’s Blackboard Customer Success Advocate, will define a flipped classroom and review common techniques. He will identify benefits and barriers to success, provide examples of how instructors can use Blackboard to flip a classroom, and teach how to develop strategies for incorporating flipped classroom techniques into your course.
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Speaker Bio
Mark Burris, M.A., M.S, is a Blackboard Customer Success Advocate and has been a Blackboard customer for several years. He has 14 years experience leading online learning initiatives at two community colleges and two universities. During that time, he was also an adjunct professor for 17 years, teaching courses in philosophy, ethics, business ethics, and critical thinking.
Mark has led several product upgrades and implementations, including Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, Mobile, GUI System Administration, and integration projects with Student Information Systems. Mark has been a one-person shop but has also developed support teams of up to 11 staff, including instructional designers and educational technicians, giving him insight into transitions from a faculty member’s perspective as well as from that of technical support and academic administration.
Mark looks forward to working with faculty, administration, and technical staff to use Blackboard to its fullest and to help students and faculty to have the best online learning experience possible.

Logging on to the Webcast:
1. Open your browser and go to:
2. The Adobe Connect Flipped Classroom with Mark Burris page appears.
3. Select Enter as a Guest.
4. Type your name into the box and then, click Enter Room.
If your connection fails, Adobe Connect displays an error message. It provides a link to a test wizard, which leads you through a series of steps to test
your connection status.

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