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Blackboard Mobile Conversion Delayed

University of Nebraska Medical Center

The conversion to individual pay has been delayed till the week of September 17, 2012, no exact date set as of September 11, 2012.  Once enabled, anyone wanting to use Blackboard Mobile will be required to pay $2/year or $6 for perpetual once the app is launched and can access UNMC’s blackboard content.  The exact mechanism has not been provided yet.  UNMC will update this as soon as it goes live.

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3 thoughts on “Blackboard Mobile Conversion Delayed

  1. i would just like to know why this is happening and who gets to vote on these types of decisions. The only good thing I can say is that at least it will still be available for $2-$6. I am happy to know that at least the app will stay around for future use. This is an extremely useful application for students in that it can help stay them informed when new things are posted and when changes/revisions are made to lecture notes. Imagine that you just logged in and found no new updates. Then you go to the library and study all the notes for that day. Then when you get home you find out that 5 minutes after checked online earlier in the day that the professor had added new information and printouts that you should have been studying. (this happens often the day before the test mind you) Without the app students have to continually monitor the web based blackboard site throughout the day. Also why is it that the blackboard app for iphone/apple is available but the android one it not. Now I know many people love their iphones but that isn’t the only operating system out there and all of them need to be catered to.

    1. This was a change that Blackboard made. The colleges and the campus-wide education council reviewed the change and made the decision to use the individual pay option. As far as the droid app that should be available now or shortly as Blackboard roles out that version also.