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The 5 Most Helpful Blog Posts to Help You FLIP It!

FLIP methods are an effective way to bring hands-on, interactive learning to the classroom and get students more involved. Find the tools you’ll need to foster a flipped environment by reading these handy and informative guides from Barbi Honeycutt, PhD.

Avoid These Five Rookie Mistakes When Flipping Your Class
We all have to start from the beginning, but you can get a heads-up on the trial-and-error stages by looking out for these pitfalls.

3 Places to Find “Flippable” Moments
Don’t go overboard when first beginning the FLIP process – you can overwhelm both yourself and students! Instead, look for these situations where you can easily integrate FLIP learning.

Be Actively Passive: 3 Strategies to Embrace Your New Role in Flipped and Active Learning Classrooms
As an instructor, it may seem counterintuitive to shift your role from a teacher to more of a guide. However, loosening the reins will open up the learning process, giving your students a more valuable classroom experience.

How to Use Sticky Notes as an Unplugged Active Learning Strategy
Flipping a classroom does not mean shoehorning technology into every aspect of your course. This article shows an example of how to apply FLIP learning using a simple, technology-free method.

3 Strategies to Encourage Students to Complete the Pre-Class Work in the Flipped Classroom
For the flipped classroom to work, your students need to be proactive with course material outside of the classroom and come ready to go. These tips will help you understand how to have students adequately prepare.

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