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Power Presentations: Watch Your Body Language

A Harvard study of communication indicated that 55% of our connections with people is driven by visuals. Take care of how YOU present yourself when stepping in front of your students, the community, potential funders, or the national stage.

Record yourself and look for these fumbles:

  • Dinosaur arms
  • Fig leaf
  • Leaning tower stance
  • Rocking or pacing
  • Hands in pockets
  • Closed or crossed arms
  • Touching face and hair

Scared? Unsure? Freaked out? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Contact UNMC Faculty Development for 1:1 coaching and feedback.

About the Author

Dr. Linda M. Love is the Director of Faculty Development at UNMC.  She holds a doctorate in Adult Learning and Higher Education Administration. Her work is focused on helping faculty reach their full potential as teachers, innovators, influencers, and leaders in complex and evolving academic medical center environments.

  lmlove@unmc.edu  |    @2LindaMLove

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