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Why I LOVE Office Mix for Educators

If you haven’t heard about Office Mix, check it out….nowOffice Mix is a new product that helps you create engaging, interactive, educational videos in a flash.

Here are the top 7 reasons why I love Office Mix (and no, I don’t have a financial relationship):

  1.  It’s FREE.  Yup, zero dollars.
  2. I can create a video at home, in the office, or in my conference hotel room.  Mix is cloud-based.
  3. Easy, intuitive learning….I am 90% there because I already use and know PowerPoint.  (I don’t want to become a computer programmer.)
  4. I can boost engagement by using polls, drawing on my slides, and using PowerPoint animations.
  5. I can EDIT my video in a snap just by swapping out slides (SNAP! I don’t want to be a video editor either.)
  6. I can post an educational video as part of a my Blackboard or Canvas teaching unit to offer different ways to connect with learners.  (Snow day?  No Problem!)
  7. I can have STUDENTS and RESIDENTS create videos to extend learning…oh yeah, it’s FREE.

Here is one of many online Mix Videos to get you started thinking about how you teach.


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