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Afraid of Blended Learning?

Are your fears getting in the way of trying blended learning?  Here are some ways to put your top 3 fears to rest and start using blended learning approaches this year:

Fear of the unknown?

With more interactivity in the blended learning classroom, teachers often fear less control in the learning environment.  However faculty who are able to interact with students less like an “audio book” and more as a “real-life” critical thinking and problem-solving expert, express a renewed passion and excitement in teaching.  You will never go back to your “audio book” teaching style.

Fear of less structure?

A blended course design means that you trust and value the student’s ability to learn some information on their own, in whatever location and whatever time they choose to learn material.  But, it also means you now have higher quality time with learners, helping them APPLY  and CONNECT information so they are much better prepared for the next steps toward becoming a health care practitioner and are well positioned to be lifelong learners.

Fear of creating or collecting e-learning course content?

Creating course content to be accessed outside a classroom does not need to be difficult or even a shift from your current practices.  It does mean that you need to consider the best ways that students can prepare to APPLY knowledge when they get to your classroom experience.  There are plenty of people on campus to help you think about this process.

Here are some key contacts to help you:

Office of Faculty Development, unmc.edu/facdev

Interprofessional Academy of Educators, unmc.edu/academy

e-Learning Lab, unmc.edu/elearning

Learning Environment and Internet Services, unmc.edu/its/services/



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