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Infographic: Active Learning Tech Tools for Remote Teaching

Here are the top 10 tech tools to use in your classroom to promote active learning.

Classroom Teaching, Clinical Teaching, Online Teaching

Infographic: How to Create Discussion Opportunities

Here are some tips by Dr. Analisa McMillan to make sure you facilitate an impactful discussion that showcases your students' critical thinking skills.

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How to Make Your Teaching More Engaging

An Advice Guide from the Chronicle of Higher Education By Sarah Rose Cavanagh Consider a student in an introductory math class — let’s call him Alex. Alex had some unpleasant experiences with math in high school. When he got to college, he tested into a math course below the level that would count toward his […]

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Infographic: The SMART Way to Achieve Your Goals

The New Year is a perfect time to take stock of your career goals. If you find yourself year after year feeling disheartened about not achieving the goals set, there may be a flaw in your strategy. Use goals to achieve success  Goal setting is often challenging and may take several attempts to establish. A […]

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Infographic: 7 Ways Your Brain Can Stop You From Recruiting the Right Candidate

Whether or not you’re aware of it, you make thousands of decisions every day—around 35,000, to be exact. In any given moment, our brains are bombarded with tons of information that must be quickly processed, informing our decisions, both big and small. So, to keep up and be efficient, our brains take mental shortcuts. These […]


10 Habits for Career Success in Health Professions Education

The start of the academic year is the perfect time to re-evaluate and re-scope our career goals. Work on one of the following tasks every month throughout the school year, or use them as a guide to engage with a peer mentoring group to push everyone further, faster. What are you doing to re-evaluate and […]


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