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Article Plus 5 – October 2016

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What is distributed medical education, and how is it changing the professional landscape beyond the classroom? By reading this article, you’ll learn about the powerful effects that come from the scope of this alternative curriculum method. Have you felt its effects firsthand in your career as a faculty member or educator?

Article specifics: MacLeod, A., Kits, O., Mann, K., Tummons, J., & Wilson, K. W. (2016). The invisible work of distributed medical education: exploring the contributions of audiovisual professionals, administrative professionals and faculty teachers. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 1-16.

Plus 5

Five other links to ed-tech resources or issues that you may be interested in:

  1. Why the university of the future will have no classrooms, no lectures, and lots of tech. Dr. Christine Ortiz, formerly of MIT, is developing a revolutionary kind of institute that will open 2020. See how she plans to end the rigidity of current university infrastructure.
  2. Introducing Educator Burnout and Its Causes. Listen to this podcast that likens educator burnout to physician burnout and details why it occurs.
  3. A step-by-step guide to ‘untethered’ faculty development. The steps listed will be familiar, as most are already being followed by UNMC. This includes online resource sites, remote options, recorded sessions, engagement with remote attendees, and online archives.
  4. Best reverse image search engines. Check out these search engines, browser add-ons, and mobile apps that help you find the source or copies of an image.
  5. Open Educational Resources (OER) to be a game changer in higher education. This article lists benefits and  offers opinions about the value of OER from the viewpoints of higher ed administration, faculty, state policy makers, and students.

About the Author

Teresa “Teri” Hartman, MLS, is an associate professor in education and research at the McGoogan Library of Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center. She shares information on Twitter, including public health, IPE, leadership, edtech, future tech, and higher education.

  thartman@unmc.edu  |   @thartman2u

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