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Students Crave FEEDBACK

Arguably, one of the most essential functions and skills for any teacher  in health science education is giving learner feedback. These 5 feedback facts can help make your feedback for  more impactful:

  1. FEEDBACK is not advice, praise, or evaluation.  FEEDBACK is information about how we are doing in our efforts to reach a goal. (~Grant Wiggins)
  2. If students know the classroom is a safe place to make mistakes, they are more likely to use FEEDBACK for learning (~Dylan William)
  3. When we give a grade as part of our FEEDBACK, students routinely read (or listen) only as far as the grade. (~Peter Johnston)
  4. Effective FEEDBACK occurs during the learning while there is still time to act on it. (~Jan Chappuis)
  5. Students need to know their learning target-the specific skill they’re supposed to learn-or the FEEDBACK is just telling them what to do. (~Susan Brookhart)

Read more at the Association of Supervision and Curricular Design.

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