University of Nebraska Medical Center

Getting Students and Residents to THINK

Here are two favorite resources to engage students and residents in a different and creative way – beyond books, journal articles, and facts—to develop thinking, observation, and richer perspectives on the art and practice of healing, health, and wellness.

Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine

Pulse has an extensive collection of personal accounts of illness and healing including poetry and short stories. The site fosters the humanistic practice of medicine and encourages health care advocacy. Some of Pulse’s most-read contributions include:

  • Confessions of a 75-Year-Old Drug Addict
  • Babel: The Voices of a Medical Trauma
  • Going Solo

Reflective MedEd

Reflective MedEd is dedicated to the reflective pedagogy and care of the person in medical education. Some of the favorite contributions from the last year include:

Visit the Reflective MedEd website or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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