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Article Plus 5 – April 2017

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What does it mean to “think critically,” especially in the context of health science? It is becoming apparent that education in this field is needing to shift from content memorization to the processes of thought itself, creating a need for the understanding of its methods. This article takes a look at critical thinking and breaks the methodology down into numerous parts.

Article specifics: Kahlke, R.; White, J. Critical thinking in health sciences education: considering “three waves”. Creative Education, Volume 4, 2013, Pages 21-29.

Plus 5

Five other links to ed-tech resources or issues that you may be interested in:

  1. UnPaywall. This browser add-on works with Firefox and Chrome to connect you to author-uploaded PDFs, essentially allowing you to “skip the paywall.”
  2. Quality Matters’ Course Design Rubric Standards. Rubric offers a scoring system to determine if online or blended courses meet standards.
  3. Moodelizer. Add soundtracks to your videos using this iOS (soon Android) app.
  4. 7 Tools that make interactive content creation easy. Inject new life into your teaching material with these interactive resources.
  5. Identifying predatory publishers. This post details ways you can stay on the look-out for predatory publishers.

About the Author

Teresa “Teri” Hartman, MLS, is an associate professor in education and research at the McGoogan Library of Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center. She shares information on Twitter, including public health, IPE, leadership, edtech, future tech, and higher education.

  thartman@unmc.edu  |   @thartman2u

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