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7 Best Graphic & Infographic Design Apps and Websites

Graphics can make even the most mundane information reach out and grab the reader’s attention. Keep your students, colleagues, and peers engaged by creating memorable infographics and visual elements with these easy-to-use tools.

1. Canva (iOS, Android, Web)

Canva allows for quick, powerful designs accessible from multiple devices via cloud storage.

2. Easel.ly (Web)

Easel.ly offers a multitude of starting infographic templates that you can tweak and make yours.

3. Infogram (Web)

Infogram lets you easily make charts, maps, graphs, graphics, reports, and other visual media.

4. Piktochart (Web)

Piktochart provides you with the templates – you provide the creativity!

5. Venngage (Web)

Venngage offers a large amount of templates and graph options, customizable to your every need.

6. Adobe Spark (iOS, Android, Web)

Adobe Spark is a powerful tool that allows for quickly creating and sharing stunning infographics.

7. Grafio (iOS)

Grafio lets you create diagrams, graphs, and other designs while on the go.

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Peggy Moore, MSEd, is the Director of E-Learning at UNMC. She specializes in adult learning with over 20 years in learning and development solutions, instructional design and educational technology. She loves the fast-paced environment of e-learning and collaborating with faculty on developing curriculum in higher education.

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