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Infographic: Signs You’re on the Road to Experiencing the Imposter Phenomenon

Imposter Phenomenon

High achievers radiate confidence. But lurking behind that self-assurance can be a feeling of inadequacy. Why? Because when you hold yourself to unrealistic or unsustainable standards, you leave yourself open to feeling like a fraud, or an imposter. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may be on the road to experiencing the imposter phenomenon …

  • Do you feel less than 100% success is a failure? Do you have difficulty delegating?
  • Do you portray you always know what you’re doing, no matter the situation? Does not having the answer leave you depressed?
  • Do you need to accomplish everything on your own? Is it difficult to ask for advice or constructive feedback?
  • Do you avoid doing things you aren’t great at? Does your confidence suffer if something doesn’t come easily?
  • Have you sacrificed hobbies in favor of work? Do you feel pressured to work longer to prove your worth to peers?

Check out this infographic for more information. Or, download a printable version of this infographic.

Imposter Phenomenon

>> Download a printable version of this infographic.

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