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UNMC Ed Tech Newsletter: Spring 2014

Blackboard – No updates until summer 2014.

There have been no major updates to UNMC educational technology software.  The next updates for Blackboard will occur this summer in late May or June.  Further information will be announced here when the schedule has been set and will include more information about the update.


Based on user feedback, the Echo360 system was updated on March 17, 2014 to fix both server and playback issues.  The update addressed the server issues and uptime since has increased from 99.6% availability to 99.8% availability.  The audio and video syncing issue seems to have been corrected also, with all recordings since the update maintaining audio/video sync during a complete playback and when selecting individual times or points in recordings.

There have also been reports of problems during video playback.  The main issue that has been seen is related to viewing videos while on a wireless network.  On campus it is best to use the TK-421 network, this network has the best throughput and capacity and supplies the best video viewing experience possible on campus.  The best viewing is available on computers and devices that are connected to a network via a wired connection.  When using wireless, there are settings that can be tried within EchoCenter to improve playback.  The attached screen capture shows the setting (right upper area of the screen capture of an EchoCenter screen) that may improve playback if one is experiencing rebuffing or screen freezes especially on a wireless connection.




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