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University of Nebraska Medical Center

Canvas Webinars – Presented by Canvas

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More than a semester into the transition, Canvas (by Instructure) now is the primary campus learning management system. As of July 1, 2018, Blackboard will be completely retired.

To support the transition to Canvas, a series of webinar training sessions are being offered to the UNMC campus starting this month.

The Canvas webinar training will be offered at UNMC on the Omaha campus, the College of Nursing Lincoln, Norfolk and Scottsbluff Division campuses, and the College of Dentistry Lincoln. The training schedule is listed in the UNMC campus calendar and theĀ Canvas website.

  • The webinars are drop in sessions — no registration is necessary
  • UNMC has purchased a limited number of webinar logins. Therefore, participation in the webinar series is only offered at the specified locations/dates
  • Specific webinar content agendas are available on the website

Other University of Nebraska campuses has opened their Canvas training to the UNMC community. Information on these training sessions is listed on the website. Additional information on Canvas, beyond the training schedule, is availableĀ on the website.

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