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University of Nebraska Medical Center

Copying a link to a file saved UNMC OneDrive available in BB

bbonedriveOneDrive is a cloud storage area which is part of Office 365. The stored file is available to you and other shared individuals. The file can be synchronously viewed and edited by all individuals with permissions to the file.

  1. Login with your UN NetID: https://univnebrmedcntr-my.sharepoint.com/
  2. Click OneDrive
  3. Scroll over the name of the file, a checkmark will appear next to the filename
  4. Click the checkmark, the selected row will be indicated with a blue background
  5. Click Share
  6. Click Get a link tab
    View only: Anyone with this link can see the file
    Edit: Anyone with this link can see and edit the file
  7. Click desired Create Link
  8. Click on the link, the entire link will be highlighted blue
  9. On your computer keyboard, press the CTRL key and the C key
  10. Click the Close button Navigate to your Blackboard course
  11. Click on the desired content area that you would like to copy the document link
  12. Place cursor over Build Content
  13. Click Web link
  14. Type the name of the web link
  15. Click in the empty field next to URL
  16. On your computer keyboard, press the CTRL key and the V key
  17. Click Submit
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