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Infographic: Managing Multiple Generations in Today’s Environment

Managing Multiple Generations

For the first time in human history, there are four generations regularly interacting, making our workplaces and educational spaces truly intergenerational. Based on varied formative experiences, generational preferences, and perspectives, each generation has their own set of expectations for professional interactions.

Here’s a brief infographic to help explain each generations personality (view a printable version of the infographic):

Managing Multiple Generations in today’s environment

In addition, remember these guidelines when managing generational differences:

  • People want to succeed, no matter their generation.
  • Be aware of how your generation may shape your own behaviors and views.
  • Before attributing behavior to a character flaw, consider it may be due to differing generational perspectives.
  • Be cautious of prejudice—there is more that makes up a person than the decade in which they were born. 

>> Download a printable version of this infographic.

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