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Reality Shock for Nurses

Marlene Kramer coined the term “reality shock” with her 1974 groundbreaking book Reality Shock: Why Nurses Leave Nursing. This theory still holds true for those transitioning to practice today, 42 years later. Reality shock theorizes that those new to the nursing profession go through a learning and growing transition. This process is characterized by four […]

Oct 31, 2016

7 challenges for clinical educators to CONQUER

Clinical educators can derail in 7 key ways in the clinical setting. ¬†Carry this list with you as a reminder: 1. Set clear LEARNING OBJECTIVES and EXPECTATIONS. 2. Teach at the correct LEVEL 3. Focus on PROBLEM SOLVING not fact memorization. 4. Engage learners in ACTIVE DIALOGUE. ¬†“Telling” is not learning. 5. Observe and give […]

Oct 18, 2016