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How to Handle Emotional Conversations with Students

“Actually I am not doing so well.” Supporting students is an essential component of educational leadership. In this training, you will learn how to use emotionally supportive language to validate and empower your students. Participants were also able to attend a follow-up in-depth coaching session:

Career Development, DEI, Teaching and Learning

The Women who Built Omaha: Speaker Eileen Wirth

This event is cosponsored by Office of Faculty Development, UNMC Library, and Offices of Inclusion and Equity Eileen Wirth, professor emeritus of journalism at Creighton University and senior writer for Legacy Preservation in Omaha, recently released a new book. The Women who Built Omaha shares the history of groundbreaking women, especially in health care, who […]

Coaching & Mentoring, DEI, Teaching and Learning

Mitigating Bias in Narrative Assessment and Recommendation Letters

This session is cosponsored by the Office of Faculty Development and Offices of Inclusion and Equity Letters of Recommendation are essential components of applications throughout academia. They are also written by and about humans, making them inherently prone to bias. Through this session, faculty members will learn to mitigate bias in letters of recommendation, understand […]

Advance Career, Career Development, Coaching & Mentoring, DEI, Leadership

A Seat at the Table: Strategies for Women to Advance

This session is cosponsored by UNMC Office of Faculty Development and Offices of Inclusion and Equity. This session will help participants 1) Review the current state of women in medical leadership, 2) Identify potential barriers for getting to “the table”, and 3) Learn to establish yourself as a valuable member of the table, use your […]

DEI, Leadership

Creating Inclusive High-Performing (Academic/Healthcare) Teams in the Age of Hybrid Work

Session Cosponsored by UNMC Office of Faculty Development and Offices of Inclusion and Equity In the new normal of hybrid teamwork, leaders and managers are tasked with the development of methods for improving connection and engagement among employees. This workshops will provide you the tips and tools to improve team cohesion, decision-making effectiveness, and performance.

Classroom Teaching, Teaching and Learning

“I’m a Fraud!”: Coaching Students Through Imposter Phenomenon as a Strategy to Increase Diversity

Countering the narrative of imposter syndrome to build upon students’ self-worth is relevant today more than ever. A recent study claims that approximately 30% of medical students and residents perceive themselves as imposters. It becomes critical for faculty to promote psychological well-being in the classroom, as it paves the way to support student development and […]


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