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Free Sessions: Self-Directed Learning in Medical School Curricula

Medical information is rapidly expanding and accessibility to information through technology has become commonplace. To combat information overload with the help of technology, it is vital that medical universities equip learners with self-directed learning skills. So as schools revise and create new curricula, they must now provide new ways for students to understand information — on […]

Apr 3, 2018

Incorporating Addiction Support Groups in Health Professional Education

As part of their professional education, I recommended that health professional students attend an open 12-step substance use disorder (SUD; aka addiction) support group or groups. Ideally, students should attend a program for those directly impacted with SUD’s such as Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), in addition to attending Al-Anon, a program for those impacted by another’s […]

Apr 19, 2017

Getting Students and Residents to THINK

Here are two favorite resources to engage students and residents in a different and creative way – beyond books, journal articles, and facts—to develop thinking, observation, and richer perspectives on the art and practice of healing, health, and wellness. Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine Pulse has an extensive collection of personal accounts of […]

Jan 5, 2017