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Infographic: Let Your Data Speak for Itself – Data Visualization Tips for Success

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information. It reduces large, complicated chucks of data into easily digestible visuals. Data visualization also allows you to comprehend information rapidly and easily find trends, patterns, and outliers. In addition, visualized data can hold audience interest longer, promote engagement and increase the retention of key concepts.  Design for […]

Mar 11, 2020

Data Visualization

Wednesday Wisdom: Enhancing Learning Using Concrete Examples (part 3 in education series)

This is part 3 in our 6 part education series and covers enhancing learning using concrete examples. What is it learning using concrete examples? As novices, students often gain a false sense of confidence in their abilities to memorize new material. Using concrete, relevant, real life examples can help students understand abstract ideas and extend […]

Apr 5, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom: Learning Through Retrieval Practice (part 2 in education series)

This is part 2 in our 6 part education series and covers learning through retrieval practice. What is retrieval practice? Retrieval practice is quite frankly quizzing. One of the reasons students request practice questions frequently is to test themselves. This has been proven to be an exceptional method for learning resulting in durable retention.1,2 How do […]

Mar 29, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom