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Article Plus 5 – October 2017

Spotlight Article As patient needs evolve, the parts that create a functioning health care system often require a tune up. The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) believes an important part of the framework comes from interprofessional collaboration. This article describes their efforts in creating a travelling program that will help bolster these opportunities for faculty, subsequently improving health care […]

Oct 11, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom: Enhancing Learning Using Spaced Practice (part 1 in education series)

This is part 1 in our 6 part education series and covers enhancing learning using spaced practice. What is spaced practice? The spacing effect is the phenomenon whereby learning is better when studying is spread out over time, as opposed to studying the same amount of content in a single session. There is significant evidence that spaced practice, […]

Mar 22, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom

Article Plus 5 – July 2016

Spotlight Article Interprofessional collaboration is a big part of health education, but how do faculty members actually feel about its implementation? Because there has not been much research done on the topic, this study was conducted. See what the response was from health care faculty in Nebraska. Article specifics: Beck Dallaghan, Gary L. et al. Faculty attitudes about […]

Jul 10, 2016

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