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Infographic: Leading Beyond Your Level of Current Competence

Getting promoted usually brings to light a few areas in your job skills that need improvement. Here are three steps to excel in your new career.

Jun 24, 2020

Davies’ Doctrine

Article Plus 5 – October 2017

Spotlight Article As patient needs evolve, the parts that create a functioning health care system often require a tune up. The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) believes an important part of the framework comes from interprofessional collaboration. This article describes their efforts in creating a travelling program that will help bolster these opportunities for faculty, subsequently improving health care […]

Oct 11, 2017

Get $35,000 a Year to Solve a “Wicked Problem”

Do you have an idea to improve health outcomes in communities across the country? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Clinical Scholars National Leadership Program is now accepting applications. Applicants apply in multidisciplinary teams of two to five providers. Teams identify complex “wicked problems” compromising a culture of health in their communities and propose innovative, community-focused approaches […]

Jan 30, 2017

Boost Your Leadership Skills – Immediately

The rapid pace of health care requires strong, innovative leaders who are ready to shape the future of UNMC. Yet the many pressures faculty members frequently confront today affect their ability to impact an organization. To provide faculty with the critical leadership skills they need to play a meaningful role, UNMC Faculty Development offers iLEAD. […]

May 28, 2016

Why Do Leaders Win?

What universal characteristics define successful leaders? How does a leader’s childhood impact their leadership style? Why do highly principled leaders obtain better long-term business results than leaders who aren’t as principled? These are some of the topics covered in the book “Return on Character: The Real Reasons Leaders and Their Companies Win,” which describes the […]

May 10, 2016

Self-Destructive Language

You may be sabotaging your career and not even know it. Some phrases you use everyday can be having a negative effect on how people see you. Read this article, “Well Said! Self-Destructive Language,” on phrases to avoid and their friendlier alternatives — you’ll be speaking in a trustworthy fashion in no time at all!   […]

Dec 4, 2015