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Category: Coaching & Mentoring

Leveraging Strengths at Work

In this session, we will use the CliftonStrengths assessment as a resource for learning to leverage your strengths at work. The CliftonStrengths assessment measures the intensity of your natural talents – abilities which you use achieve excellence and satisfaction – in 34 distinct Themes. Using Gallup’s “Name it, Claim it, and Aim it” framework, Dr. […]

May 10, 2024

Mitigating Bias in Narrative Assessment and Recommendation Letters

This session is cosponsored by the Office of Faculty Development and Offices of Inclusion and Equity Letters of Recommendation are essential components of applications throughout academia. They are also written by and about humans, making them inherently prone to bias. Through this session, faculty members will learn to mitigate bias in letters of recommendation, understand […]

Mar 14, 2024

A Seat at the Table: Strategies for Women to Advance

This session is cosponsored by UNMC Office of Faculty Development and Offices of Inclusion and Equity. This session will help participants 1) Review the current state of women in medical leadership, 2) Identify potential barriers for getting to “the table”, and 3) Learn to establish yourself as a valuable member of the table, use your […]

Feb 29, 2024

Faculty Development Retirement Guide

A diverse array of current and retired faculty shared perspectives at a retirement-focused panel on April 18, 2024. 5/5 (2) How helpful was this learning opportunity? Sample rating item

Feb 29, 2024

Creating a Coaching Culture at UNMC

Watch this session, featuring guest speaker Dr. Carrie Bowler, to learn more about coaching and its benefits.

May 23, 2022

REframe Series: Equity-Minded Faculty Workloads

Guest expert Dr. KerryAnn O’Meara shares insights about how faculty labor is taken up, assigned and rewarded.

Oct 15, 2021

Constructive Collaboration: Using Student Feedback and Peer Coaching to Improve Teaching

The rapid changes and advancements of today’s world continue to present new challenges in education. Success in 2020 is achieved, in part, by being skilled at adapting and evolving based on the demands of society. Health science education and academic medical centers are not exempt from this reality. Educators must continue to create processes that […]

Feb 14, 2020

Feeling Fraudulent – The Negative Impact of Imposter Syndrome

Self-perceptions help us define who we are, but they can also hinder us from achieving our maximum potential. Unfortunately, not all perceptions are easily identified. Watch this session as we focus on strategies to recognize and overcome two critical obstacles — unconscious bias and imposter syndrome. After this session, participants should be able to: Define […]

Nov 14, 2019

Don’t Let Them Walk the Plank: Strategies for Effective Onboarding

Onboarding plays an important role in whether or not a faculty member is well prepared to succeed in their new job. Yet it is an area that may sometimes receive little attention. In this session, Dr. Vicki Kennel offers insights and strategies on how to effectively onboard your new faculty and why it is so important to do […]

Jun 13, 2019

How to Be a Better Mentee

The mentoring process is a two-way street where each individual has their own role. This will require you — the mentee — to take responsibility and be actively involved. In this session, Dr. Rowen Zetterman explains the ins and outs of mentoring and what mentees can do to get the most meaningful experience possible. Key Presenter Rowen K. […]

Apr 23, 2019