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The Power of LinkedIn!

Social media provides a great opportunity to demonstrate the impact you make and connect with other medical professionals. This session will provide you a holistic view on how to have a better presence on LinkedIn by making the most out of your profile. No ratings yet. How helpful was this learning opportunity? Sample rating item

Jun 10, 2024

Leveraging Strengths at Work

In this session, we will use the CliftonStrengths assessment as a resource for learning to leverage your strengths at work. The CliftonStrengths assessment measures the intensity of your natural talents – abilities which you use achieve excellence and satisfaction – in 34 distinct Themes. Using Gallup’s “Name it, Claim it, and Aim it” framework, Dr. […]

May 10, 2024

The Women who Built Omaha: Speaker Eileen Wirth

This event is cosponsored by Office of Faculty Development, UNMC Library, and Offices of Inclusion and Equity Eileen Wirth, professor emeritus of journalism at Creighton University and senior writer for Legacy Preservation in Omaha, recently released a new book. The Women who Built Omaha shares the history of groundbreaking women, especially in health care, who […]

Mar 15, 2024

A Seat at the Table: Strategies for Women to Advance

This session is cosponsored by UNMC Office of Faculty Development and Offices of Inclusion and Equity. This session will help participants 1) Review the current state of women in medical leadership, 2) Identify potential barriers for getting to “the table”, and 3) Learn to establish yourself as a valuable member of the table, use your […]

Feb 29, 2024

Faculty Development Retirement Guide

A diverse array of current and retired faculty shared perspectives at a retirement-focused panel on April 18, 2024. 5/5 (2) How helpful was this learning opportunity? Sample rating item

Feb 29, 2024

Communicating Your Value: The STAR Model

A key skill in today’s work world, is the ability to tell the story of your accomplishments. Using the STAR framework is one way of developing this skill–whether you are in an interview, developing a formal report or presentation, talking with your chair at your annual performance review, in an elevator pitch, or a grant […]

Dec 8, 2023

Strategizing Promotion & Tenure

It’s never too early to start preparing for your advancement. Hear from institutional experts on how to succeed in the promotion and tenure process. Review & Download the P&T Planner Session Slides No ratings yet. How helpful was this learning opportunity? Sample rating item

Nov 10, 2023

InnovatED Symposium Presentations 2023: Keynote on AI

The InnovatED Symposium included presentations on AI usage in education, inclusive classroom strategies, improving assessments and learner outcomes, techniques to improve engagement and learning, and incorporating simulation into curriculum.

Sep 28, 2023

Man stands at a podium giving a presentation

Strategies for Adopting and Advancing Holistic Admissions Review

This workshop will present the role of holistic review in mission-based admissions. Attendees will gain practical strategies for how to identify the core values of their program for the balanced assessment of academic and non-academic attributes. Presenters will share tools for developing standardized prompts and rubrics for use across various assessment techniques, such as virtual […]

Sep 19, 2023

Power Presentations

Presentations are a core function in academia — ensure yours are memorable.Communication is an important determinant of job retention, pay scale, and advancement. Presentations are a high stakes means of communicating ideas, science, knowledge, and change, and are a core function in academic life. Key Contributors: Faye Haggar, EdDMichael Smith, MDChad Branecki, MDMartina Clarke, PhDTJ […]

Sep 13, 2023

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