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Category: Career Development

The Art & Style of Interpersonal Communication: Graceful Self-Promotion

Few like a braggart, but there are times you’ll need to get yourself out there and make ideas, discoveries, and accomplishments known. How do you do this if you’re uncomfortable with standing out? Dr. Thorndyke has the solutions to your worries, revealed in her informative session about self-promotion. During the session, you’ll see how to […]

Oct 11, 2013

Learning from UNMC's Master Teachers: Drs. Cuddigan, Dobesh, and Larsen

Seeking tips for becoming a better educator? Take advice from the pros! Several award-winning faculty members share insights on how they developed effective teaching techniques. You’ll learn how to foster a positive learning environment for students, ways introduce engagement processes, and what to put in your teaching toolbox of success. View session slides, resources, and […]

Jan 10, 2013

Thriving Amidst Chaos: Personal Productivity Basics

Keeping life on a steady track can be near impossible with the hectic nature of a career in health science education. Addressing student problems, tending to faculty duties, attending meetings, and coursework planning are just a few day-to-day activities — not to mention the actual teaching! Instead of feeling like you’re in a whirlwind, you […]

Nov 18, 2010